Maharaj Ji

The Beginning

Numerous enlightened souls and great-men appeared on this earth with the immortal message of God, the supreme father. These dedicated souls served mankind in various ways and interpreted religions in accordance with their times. In this transitional period of science, technology and computers, the most Param Pujya Shri Ashok Ji Maharaj appeared on this Earth in 1985 in Northern India to define the real character of religion; to awaken the powers lying dormant in human consciousness and to sound the bugle of human welfare. This divine soul in human body is one in the long series of divine souls that descended on this earth to define the worth and relevance of human life. Param Pujya Maharaj Ji was a gifted child. Even as a small Boy, he drew attention with the many hours he spent in deep meditation. He also composed devotional songs and could often be seen singing to the divine with heartfelt emotion. Despite his tender age, his compositions revealed remarkable depth and wisdom. After completing his education, meditation and acquiring spiritual enlightenment this great soul set on a journey to feel the pulse of his homeland. He is a humanitarian leader, a spiritual teacher, and an ambassador of peace.

Founding the Organization

Param Pujya Maharaj Ji gave a new direction to human consciousness, employing the Maryada or great tradition of lord Rama (known for his highest ideals), the Karma-Yog or dynamic philosophy of Lord Krishna, the compassion of Buddha, non-violence of Mahavir and the ideals of popular saints such as Nanak, Kabir, Ravidas and others. He identified the values of human relations, ideals, bench-marks and traditions from Indian culture, and re-addressing them. During the course of this long and extensive journey he saw the rejected and dejected old people, orphans and the poor and a very large majority of people leading a life of illusion, taboos and meaningless conventions. This touched him deeply and stirred in him an urge to bring change and do something for the masses. He thought of serving them through awakening their consciousness and thus unlocking the most latent energy of their self-confidence.


This thought of human service inspired Param Pujya Maharaj Ji to establish the Om Maa Parmanandmayi Charitable Trust in Lucknow, on 23rd January, 2007 the capital of Uttar Pradesh. This was the auspicious day of worshipping Maa Saraswati (Basant Panchami). It is a non-profit organization for the welfare of the masses. Since its establishment Om Maa Parmanandmayi Charitable Trust has worked for the up-liftment of the less privileged; service to the poor and down-trodden; for dissemination of faith and religion and selfless service to mankind. As a consequence one can feel the cool and soothing breeze of stirrings of human welfare and an all around inspiration among people. These blissful waves of spirituality, positive thought and service to mankind have swept across the nation and transformed the lives of His Devotees. Param Pujya Maharaj Ji is an epitome of goodness and has devotes who acknowledge him as their intimate friend, father, philosopher, guide, and a blessed soul always guiding them on the path of humanity and bliss. His radiance of divine consciousness has today made the Om Maa Parmanandmayi Charitable Trust a symbol of love, spirituality and humanity.

A Figure of Peace

Param Pujya Maharaj Ji is an ambassador of peace. He plays a key role in spreading his vision of non-violence at public forums and gatherings. He is regarded as a neutral figure with peace as his sole agenda. Through his initiatives and addresses, Param Pujya Maharaj Ji has consistently emphasized the need to reinforce human values and recognize humanity as our highest identity. He has fostered interfaith harmony and called for multi-cultural education as the remedy for fanaticism and to achieve sustainable peace on our planet. His work has touched the lives of millions of peoples, going beyond the barriers of race, nationality, and religion. He has shown that inner and outer peace is possible and that a stress-free, violence-free society can be created through service and by reawakening human values.


‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina, Sarve Santu Niramaya’

  • Inculcation of human values in our society.
  • Stress-Free, Violence-Free World
  • Moving forward from religion to spirituality.
  • Removal of poverty.
  • Scientific and clear perception.
  • End of fundamentalism and false thinking practices.
  • Full faith in presence of God.
  • Respect of good and opposing the bad elements in our society.
  • Development of body, mind and soul.
  • Peace and harmony in the world.

His Aspirations

“There are people with ability to reform, innovate, motivate and pacify. They have the capability to nurture new buds instead of the rumbling leaves and transform the negative energy into positive energy. Let us initiate such an action which can bring such people in forefront and lead the process of inner and outer transformation. Let us all transform this world a beautiful place to live in and also stick to the great tradition of our own nation. ”

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