About Mission

Om Maa Parmanandmayi Trust

It is a social and cultural organization engaged in reviving the spiritual and cultural richness of India. Param Pujya Shri Ashok Ji Maharaj is the Patron-in-Chief and founder of the mission. Activities of the mission are conducted by an elected board of trustees. It is registered as a social, cultural, and religious society in Lucknow, India. Param Pujya Maharaj Ji founded the mission to ensure human devotion to God and to grace the world with the sacred heritage of Indian sages. The mission is based on the golden principles of service, devotion, contentment, meditation, co-operation, dedication, tolerance and sympathy. With the inspiration from ancient saints, meditation, yoga, and devotional prayers were included in the curriculum of the Mission.
There are number of devotees of the mission who keep faith in the religious leadership of Param Pujya Maharaj Ji. People flock in numbers to listen to Him. The mission is actively involved in religious activities as well as humanitarian activities for the elderly, physically handicapped, orphans and poor/under privileged.


• Our mission is not to set up temples but to make every human being a temple in himself / herself.
• Our purpose is to inspire and empower people to cultivate a closer relationship with God.
• Our hope is to empower people to economic and spiritual independence through love and dedication towards "Maa".
• Our goal is to demonstrate the sincerity of our conviction through efficiency in every action.
• Daily satsang, self-study, service, prayer and love for God should become an integral part of one’s life.
• Kindness, charity and restraint- these are the three sutras of metaphysical progress.
• Carryout your daily routine with discipline and order. Offer prayers and meditate in the morning regularly. Surrender your mind in the feet of God without being distracted by worldly attachments.
• A man is great by judicious use of his time in an orderly manner. Value time and never waste it.
• Respect and serve the elders, the wise, the scholarly and noble people.
• Maintain a feeling of true faith and dedication towards the real Guru.
• Seek the bliss and grace of God through his worship, introspection, prayer and perseverance.
• Learn to be kind-hearted, loving, honest, generous and sympathetic in your conduct.
• Treat others as you want to be treated by them. Be watchful of clever and deceiving people.